Beating COVID-19 and Getting Our Workplace Back to Normal Safely

Businesses and organizations around the country have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that have not been completely measured. While many quickly altered the methods of doing business with off-premise or remote staff, this situation cannot remain at the 100% level for long. From logistics to network security, many people need to be doing their jobs in-person. GenePace is a premier laboratory that was founded by a team of experienced diagnostic executives, innovators lab operators and physicians, and is coordinating with employers and employees to accommodate patient care testing needs. The GenePace “Return to Life” philosophy offers services that can help employees and support staff return to work with a feeling of safety and security. COVID-19 testing is a critical step in promoting protection against the pandemic. While more people are getting the vaccines, it will be a longer process. GenePace Laboratories works with employers to create a strategy of return to work that complies with both CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommendations. The flexible GenePace programs offers a sense of peace of mind in daily testing to ensure that the workplace returns to more of a state of normal.

Telework and In-Person Work

OSHA recommends that initial strategies for businesses include a combination of telework and in-person work. For those that can successfully perform their duties, telework with as needed internet conference meetings can be the most beneficial. For staffers that will return to work there is a demand for daily COVID-19 testing with quarantined requirements for those that test positive.In-person work should require the same CDC recommended guidelines for wearing masks, social distancing, limiting group meetings, and hygienic cleansing. GenePace is coordinating with many companies to assist in setting up testing procedures and counseling for changes within the office environment to ensure safety for all workers. Any changes in the condition of the COVID-19 status of a company where there is an outbreak should involve alternate plans to return to telework for the safety of all staff. The GenePace fast results testing can help to deter such an outbreak and assist management in their strategies.

How GenePace Helps Employers and Employees

Part of the specialty services offered by GenePace includes collection and a test administration group that can scale up to tens of thousands of daily collections regionally. GenePace also offers a unique “on call” concierge service in the metro Indianapolis area. The GenePace team can work with employers for a specific location or on-site testing with same day results.The GenePace clinical and physician teams are assisting organizations to create COVID-19 strategies and programs including administration and collection, as well as vetted PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and testing product needs.For businesses that are heading to the return-to-work concept, GenePace can coordinate a specified location for employees to get tested for COVID-19 with same day results. GenePace acts as a consultant service to advise employers for hygiene station setups, sterilization of surfaces, and guidance in social distancing practices within their workplace environment. A key segment of the strategy of a company that is seeking a return-to-work condition is the constant assessment of all job categories and tasks performed for the determination of which jobs may cause occupational exposure. Such a strategy can involve examining the potential danger of those employees that have exposure to members of the public or a potential personal community outbreak. To get people back to work GenePace encourages continued monitoring and protection status of all staff members.

Implementing COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Return to work means that work will also be a bit different. Implementation of programs such as social distancing will require establishing the rules for each company. Beyond mask requirements and consistent hygiene, there must be standards set for limiting the number of employees and/or clients that can be allowed in an area to accommodate social distancing. Floors must be demarcated to represent the six-feet-zone areas in locations where any group normally congregates. This demarcation should include time clock areas, conference rooms, kitchens, rest rooms, check-out lines, etc. Even after a year or so of COVID-19, these conditions are not normal to many so signs will need to be posted as reminders for the six foot rule of social distancing and washing hands/using hand sterilizing. When necessary, directional signs might be needed when the corridor or hall widths are more restrictive. A critical area of a back-to-work strategy will be in the creation of a protocol for managing staff that become ill in the workplace. Management should have a list of actions to be taken in the case of an employee that has tested positive for COVID-19 while at the workplace including isolation and sterilization of all areas where the staffer worked.

Workplace COVID-19 Testing Helps Keep Everyone Safe

Experts have said that COVID-19 will remain in the world for a few years however, with safety protocols recommended by both the CDC and OSHA, consistent testing with same day results, and more people receiving the vaccines, there are ways to return to work and get businesses back on their feet. GenePace is committed to participating with employers to get this done. GenePace deploys new technologies for extremely rapid and responsive PCR and Molecular testing. As partners with Butler University, GenePace is an emerging leader involved in the testing process, blending education with practical leadership experience. GenePace knows that none of us have ever experienced a pandemic and scientific information and data is changing every day. The priority of developing strategies to encourage COVID-19 testing is important to assist in maintaining a level of confidence and safety.

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