Passport Health

As a travel medicine provider, most of our clients are requesting COVID-19 PCR testing for their international travel needs due to both airline and individual country requirements. Because of the strict time constraints imposed by both airlines and individual countries and increased demand and turnaround times for lab testing, getting clients their PCR test results within the allotted time has been a challenge for everyone. Since partnering with GenePace for our COVID-19 PCR testing needs we have been able to promise our clients next day, and sometimes same day test results. The ability to reassure our clients that they will have their required PCR results by the next day has relieved a lot of anxiety and allowed our clients to keep their travel plans. In addition to quick lab turnaround times, GenePace has provided excellent customer service. Partnering with GenePace has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made with regard to our COVID-19 PCR testing needs.